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My website presents photographic images beginning with my early photography interest and extending to the present time. Photography is a passion for me providing insight into the natural world and it's relationship to self.

I use both traditional and digital approaches to craft images that are expressive of the subject and evoke emotional response.

My goal is to be true to the subject and to add meaning to the image through my emotional response at the time of making the exposure and, subsequently, in the creation of the print.

You can read about my background and photographic approach under the About link.

Photographs are presented in groups under the Portfolios link. Currently these are arranged by place or subject. I am also creating focused folios that are in the tradition of a sequence of images that attempt to achieve a statement or tell a story using the aggregate effect of all of the images in the sequence.

Comments and requests for further information are welcome. You can also visit my blog where I comment on photography, photographics, and other topics.

Winter Quiet, Great Meadow

 Amherst NH 2021

Aspen Folio, 2013

Aspens, a folio of eight images
Edition of 25